Established in 1946, ALD Automotive manage 1.7 million vehicles across 43 countries worldwide.

ALD Automotive is the global leader in financing and vehicle fleet management.

  • Direct presence in 43 countries

  • Satisfying the mobility of more than 100,000 customers

  • With more than 6,700 employees

  • Managing 1.76 million direct vehicles (+ 7% / year)

We are defined as the largest leasing company in the European market, besides having the widest geographical coverage in the world, because we have presence in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America.

We developed a unique fleet management solution with our business partners, which makes us the largest worldwide fleet:

  • Wheels (United States and Canada)
  • ABSA (Southafrica)
  • Johnson & Perrot (Ireland)
  • Fleet Partners (Australia and New Zealand)

As an organization focused on its customers, we are committed to deliver the best possible quality of services. We are proud to be recognized in the market as a provider of high quality services, receiving important awards in countries like France (Customer Service), Germany (Better management company fleet), UK (Award Service World Fleet) and Romania (More dynamic lease company); even for several consecutive years.